Science of Trauma

California is in the process of implementing a fairly robust reform program centered around its overcrowded prisons. The process is called “realignment” and among other things it would shift the financial burden of paying for the incarceration of violent criminals from the state to counties. This is one way for the state to meet its … [Read more…]

The news from September 2011

Cutting Costs! Last week the U.S Senate Appropriations Committee approved the 2012 budget, the first step in a lengthy series of budget negotiations taking place in Washington D.C.  In the process, it cut $19.7 million from the CDC’s Youth Violence Prevention measures, the only federally-funded program that tackles youth violence through public health initiatives. If … [Read more…]

The Public Health of Violence

Violence is a public health issue. For a long time policy makers in this country have thought about violence and its consequences as a matter best handled by the criminal justice system alone. That is no longer a very useful approach, if it ever was. In California it has contributed to massive prison overcrowding. For … [Read more…]